Travel with your baby

Summer is right round the corner and we are all waiting for the warm days to come and long evenings. As we get closer and closer, I know all of us are thinking about holidays, travelling and long days at the beach. We know you have a lot of different holiday destinations on your mind, but planning a trip with a baby can be difficult. There are so many things you need to think about and plan in advance to ensure that travel with your baby is safe as well as making your holiday better, easier and more enjoyable while looking after your precious baby.

We, at Widgey Pillows, have put together a few must-have items when going on holiday with your baby. Items that, after reading this blog, you will be sure to add to your basket before going away.

The first item on our list is a travel pillow. Widgey Pillows offer you an inflatable travel pillow that you can take with you everywhere you go when you want to travel with your baby. If you have a long flight to your holiday destination; this pillow will help make feeding time easier for you. You can always use it when your precious falls asleep so that your arms do not grow tired. This pillow can be used along the whole trip so that you always have a baby pillow to rest your baby on. The Widgey inflatable pillow can even be used while lounging around on the beach. Inflate your pillow, place your baby under some shade and in the pillow and relax, knowing that your baby is both comfortable and safe.

Another item that we have on the list is our baby Swaddles. When on holiday you have to use a cot that you and your baby are not familiar with and in some cases you don’t have a cot while on holiday. The baby swaddles that we offer ensure that your baby can have a good night sleep although in a different environment. The swaddle keeps your baby in one place and ensures that the baby doesn’t move around which could sometimes result in injury. This way you know that your baby is safe and comfortable so that you can sleep calmly and get the most out of your holiday.

And lastly on our list we have a soft toy. At Widgey Pillows we have an adorable hoppy bunny, loved by every child and baby. Keeping your baby happy and occupied at all times which, of course, results in a smile on your face your whole holiday!

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