Celebrate your pregnancy in style and comfort

Celebrate your pregnancy by throwing a baby shower can be one of the most exciting and memorable events during your pregnancy. A special time where everyone gets together and celebrates that a new life will be entering the world soon!

With modern baby showers, there are no rules on how to celebrate your pregnancy! Today’s baby shower is less rooted in tradition and more focused on personalizing the party to the guest (or guests) of honour. Whether you celebrate before the arrival with a sprinkle or after with a sip and see, a bris, or a baptism here’s the scoop on how to host…

The great thing about baby showers is that anyone can host. It doesn’t have to be the expecting couple, it can be friends, family, neighbors or even colleagues. But the real question is, when is the best time to host? Well we have that answer for you; hosting late in the second trimester gives parents the opportunity to stock up on baby essentials well before the due date and ensures mom-to-be will have enough energy to enjoy it. Aim for a window of two to three hours in the afternoon, with a clear start and end time.

Toast your favorite parents-to-be with a low-key couple’s shower. Think of a coed shower as an afternoon or early evening with friends.  If the weather is nice, consider an evening outside grilling. Serve bbq or tacos along with beer and wine. Or rent the patio, or a private room, at your go-to spot.

When it comes to baby showers and making sure your guests are comfortable and happy, there are a few things to be taken into consideration. If you have a lot of friends and family with little ones then you may want to consider a few feeding and nursing pillows to have on hand. With nursing and feeding pillows, you can never have too many, they always come in handy. If you are investing in a few to have for your baby shower, you will definitely get use out of it for when your new born is born! A baby pillow will be your new best friend when you give birth!

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