Which pregnancy pillow is better for me?

Both of our best-selling pregnancy pillows are multi-use which means they share some similar functionality. Our Widgey Plus sleep and pregnancy pillow tends to be favoured by women that are struggling to get comfortable in bed at night and are finding their sleep is compromised. Though troubled sleep can be a common symptom in pregnancy, many women find that a long body pillow can help to align the hips and spine, helping to keep you in an optimum position for sleep. What’s more, a pregnancy sleep pillow encourages you to adopt a safe sleeping position by preventing you from rolling onto your back or front. The Widgey Classic pillow (the one that is shaped like a horseshoe) has a firmer composition and it is this pillow that is recommended time and time again by midwives and other obstetric professionals for feeding. Similarly, it is the firmness of this pillow which makes it the preferred choice for women suffering with pregnancy backache. Many women buy both of the pillows to cover all of their pregnancy and feeding needs as we offer nursing pillows, baby pillows, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding pillows and many more.

Can I wash my Widgey pillow?

Both the Widgey Plus pregnancy and sleep pillow and the Widgey Classic feeding pillow can be washed. Our pregnancy pillows are unique in that both the inner pillow and the outer cushion cover can be washed as we offer the best quality feeding and nursing pillows. We recommend washing on a delicate or wool cycle before hanging out to air dry when the weather permits or in an airing cupboard or near a radiator in colder months. Our pillowcases are removable and machine washable on a warm wash, no hotter than 40 degrees. We offer spare covers for your pillows, so you can always have a cover on your pillow!

Can I use your nursing pillows for bottlefeeding?

Widgey pillows can be used for both bottle feeding and breastfeeding as we offer specially breastfeeding pillows. As a brand we reserve judgment when it comes to feeding and recognise that it is down to personal choice and individual circumstances. We have developed both of our maternity and nursing pillows so that they can be used by mums that bottle feed or breast feed. Of course, it also means that dads, partners and other care givers can use the feeding cushion to feed baby too!

How does the Widgey compare to other pillows?

Many people ask us why our pillows are more expensive than some of the cheaper alternatives available. The image below is probably the easiest way to see the main differences. The Widgey Classic pillow is also wider than most of the pillows you will find on the market. This offers greater support where you need it most. By providing more room for you to place your forearm and elbow you are less likely to hunch your shoulders while feeding your baby, and therefore, will suffer less neck and shoulder aches. For the best quality pillows to comfort you when you need it most; prices are very reasonable. Widgey Pillows are stuffed with one large piece of filling that is moulded to fit the shape of both the pregnancy pillow and the feeding pillow. This keeps the pillows firmer and allows them to retain their shape for longer by preventing ‘clumping’.

Can I buy spare covers?

We offer a range of spare covers for both the Widgey Plus Pregnancy Body Pillow and the Widgey Classic Feeding Pillow. These are particularly handy for keeping your pillow clean and hygienic. There will be inevitable spills during feeding time and that’s’ why we always recommend having at least one additional pillowcase for you nursing or feeding pillow so that you can protect your pillow while you wash the other. Our pillowcases are made from super soft cotton jersey so that they are gentle and kind to baby’s delicate skin. We stock a range of pillowcases in our signature star print in a number of colourways as well as a plain grey marl, grey stripe and on-trend monochrome pineapple print. We also have a very cute cow character print. Our spare pregnancy and feeding pillowcases are also useful for parents who like to match their baby products to their nurseries or interior decoration; so we offer you both comfort, high-quality and large variety to choose from to fit to your personal taste.

What are the 5-in-1 uses for my Widgey pillow?

1. Both of our pillows can be used to help relieve pregnancy backache though the firm quality and shape of the Widgey Classic tends to deliver superior results for this particular pregnancy problem. Use behind lower back when seated for maximum comfort. 2. The Widgey Plus and Widgey Classic can be placed between knees and ankles to relieve tension and wedged underneath bumps for extra support and relief. 3. Both pillows can be used for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. They support baby and help to take the strain off arms, neck and shoulders when feeding. Can be used by dads, partners and other caregivers too. The Widgey Classic has more structure and is most often used for feeding. 4. Both pillows can be used as a baby nest for your. Simply place baby in the curve of the pillow and ensure that you do not leave them unattended. 5. Use your baby pillow for tummy time to strengthen baby’s neck muscles

Can the Widgey pillow help with my pregnancy backache?

The short answer is YES! In fact, our Widgey Classic Feeding pillow is used specifically for backache by a wide audience including customers that are not pregnant. When we demonstrate the benefits of the Widgey pillow at exhibitions and events we always get clients to sit on a chair and place the pillow deep into the curve of their back before asking them to sit back. What happens next is what we call the ‘ah moment’. Our pregnant customers always comment on how effective they find the Widgey Classic pillow for relieving backache and some even take their pillow to their place of work in the second and trimester.

I have a problem with my order

In the first instance please contact us on via our contact form with your order number and the nature of your enquiry. Our customer services team will respond by email within 24 hours Mon-Fri during office hours (9-5pm). If you leave your telephone number we will attempt to call you to address your customer service enquiry as quickly as possible? You are also more than welcome to contact us via a direct message on Instagram.

How long should my Widgey pillow last?

We are so confident about the quality and performance of our award-winning maternity, pregnancy and feeding cushions that we offer a lifetime guarantee. If you have any concerns with your Widgey pillow please fill in the form on the contact page, alternatively you can message us directly via our Instagram page.

Using my Widgey pillow as a baby nest. Is it safe?

We’ve been manufacturing and selling pregnancy and feeding pillows for more than 25 years. Our products are rigorously tested and meet or surpass all of the stringent industry requirements. It is perfectly safe to use both the Widgey Plus and Widgey Classic as a baby nest as long as you observe some very basic measures. These are, of course, the same for any baby product whether it is the nursing pillow, feeding pillow or pregnancy pillows; have full faith in the quality of our products. We normally recommend using the pillow as a baby nest when your baby is able to sit up by themselves unaided. For the Widgey classic nursing pillow, you can place baby in the curve of the pillow so that their head and neck is supported. You can mould the Widgey Plus into a baby nest by simply folded it to form a U shape and placing baby in the centre curve. Some parents do prop their babies up on the pillows before this time, but you should NEVER leave them unattended for even a second. You should also NEVER place the pillow on a raised surface in case your baby rolls or slips away from the pillow. Feeding and pregnancy pillows should not be used in cribs, cots or beds as a sleep aid for babies.


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