The Wonder of Woombie – No-Wrap Swaddling

sleeping baby in woombie swaDDLEThere’s a reason that the hospital team returns your newborn in a neat little burrito-like parcel after labour. It’s because midwives, obstetricians and nurses know the secret to a happy and calm baby. It’s called swaddling and women have been doing it the world over for years.

Swaddling helps to protect your baby against their natural startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex. You will no doubt have witnessed this reflex when your baby appears to suddenly “startle” while sleeping. They will typically extend their arms and legs away from the body and then draw them back together as if in the foetal position. The Moro reflex is present at birth and is a totally normal and healthy process. It’s not something that can be or should be stopped but by swaddling your baby you can mimic the security they felt in your womb and help them to adjust to the outside world.

If you can help to lessen the effect of the startle reflex, there is a good chance that your baby will learn to self-soothe and get themselves back to sleep more easily and if that can only mean better sleep for both of you.

Swaddling has many other benefits too. It is thought to help colicky babies and keeping hands close to the body prevents baby for scratching their delicate skin with their fingernails.

When it comes to baby swaddles there are two main options. There is the good old-fashioned swaddle which involves taking a large square cloth and wrapping it around baby to create a cosy cocoon. There are many ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube and it does help to see visually how to do it rather than just following step by step instructions. We quite like Baby Centre UK’s video which shows a few variations on the swaddling technique.

If you’re keen to give swaddling a go but want something a little more convenient, then the Woombie swaddle could be the product that you’re searching for. The Woombie swaddle is easy to use, effective and ultimately, safe. You can’t get the technique wrong because it’s already been done for you! There is no more wrapping and re-wrapping swaddle blankets. The unique Woombie design keeps baby comfortable. You simply put baby into the Woombie, snap and zip! The Woombie’s ergonomic, peanut-shaped design gently hugs your baby recreating the feeling of the womb but allowing them to move and stretch naturally.

There are several safety concerns associated with loose blankets, including suffocation, hip dysplasia and overheating. Woombie swaddles help to eliminate these risks with a safe, innovative look and feel.

Woombie was established in 2007 when a registered nurse recognised a need for safer swaddling. With over 1 million happy babies and parents, Woombie swaddles have been proudly recognised as one of the top baby swaddles in the world! Developmentally designed, the Woombie Hands Over Heart™ sleep position has been recognised as the healthiest way for babies to sleep, allowing skin-on-skin contact, mimicking parental touch and fostering self-soothing while maintaining rigid safe sleep and safe swaddle standards. Woombie swaddling promotes important back sleeping and assists with symptoms of colic with its tapered waist and specialised 4-way stretch Bebeflex™ fabric and also allows additional space for a hip friendly system and approach. Woombie has received over 20 awards received for design and innovation and is loved the world over by babies and parents.

Bear in mind that some babies don’t enjoy the sensation of being swaddled. Your little one will soon let you know so if they just won’t settle you may have to opt for other ways to settle them.

Stop swaddling your baby as soon as they show signs of being able to roll over on to their side or tummy. If they’re swaddled, they may not be able to turn themselves back over which obviously represents a safety risk. Always put your baby down to sleep on his back.

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