Prepare for your new-born during your pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different and no pregnancy can be compared. Each woman goes through her own journey when it comes to pregnancies and each journey is beautiful in its own way. But preparing for your new-born is a beautiful journey of its own which, different from pregnancies, can be compared and you can always look for tips others who have gone through this journey before you.

Let’s be honest, nothing can totally help you prepare for a baby, especially when it is your first. But there are a few essentials that might help the transition to the mum life just a tab bit easier.

When preparing for your baby to come, it is important to discuss general parenting things with your spouse or baby daddy. There are so many things that you and your partner will discover about each other as parents during your parenting journey. It’s important to roughly be on the same page when it comes to parenting and looking after the baby you have brought into the world. Although it is mostly a ‘learn on the job’ process when it comes to parenting, but here a few ideas to discuss before your baby arrives.

-What you think may change when the baby arrives? What is important to keep the same when it comes to your relationship and daily routine? Is there anything that either of you will give up when the baby is born (e.g. morning exercises or weekly commitments)?

-Potential babysitters to have in mind for when you need

-If you are going from 2 incomes to 1, are you planning ahead?

-How each of you were raised? What were things that you liked and didn’t like and what you will do and not do while parenting your little one together?

Another thing to help you prepare for your baby is a sleep routine. We recommend planning baby feeding and sleep schedules and routine your baby sooner than later to make your life easier. After you have planned and considered feeding and sleep schedules, it’s important to get a few items to make being a mum easy and enjoyable.

At, Widgey Pillows we have a few items that will soon become your best friend. We have the perfect breastfeeding pillows and the best nursing pillows you need. We have the UK’s leading feeding pillows, which are versatile and supportive and an indispensable aid for breastfeeding and bottle feeding and helps to support your baby and take the strain off your arms. The pillows is strong and firm and has been recommended by midwives everywhere.

And while planning for your new-born during your pregnancy, investing in a Widgey Pillows nursing pillow will be put to good use while pregnant. Here are just some of the ways this nursing pillow and sleep pillow will become the best thing you invest in.

  • 5-in-1 multi-use pregnancy, nursing and baby pillow for use during pregnancy and for feeding baby
  • Relieves pregnancy backache. Use behind lower back when seated for maximum comfort. Can be placed between knees and ankles to relieve tension and wedged underneath bumps for extra support and relief
  • Essential for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Supports baby and helps to take the strain off arms when feeding. Can be used by dads and other caregivers too
  • Can be used as a baby nest when your child can sit unaided or for tummy time
  • Firm and durable, and recommended by midwives. Removable 100 per cent cotton machine washable cover

Advice from us when it comes to preparing for your new-born. Of course, you will want to search everything online with tips and advice for pregnancies and bringing your new-born to the world. But it’s best to stay away from the forums. There are so many pregnancy sites out there that haven’t been updated for years and years.  Which is why they are a waste of your time. The best way to get good and useful advice would be asking your parents or friends that have been parents for a long time, of course your doctor and even a blogger whose parenting and pregnancy stories are similar to yours. There is no better advice than that of people who have been through the same or a similar journey to yours.

It is also important to consider baby gear and what you and your baby will need when you birth your baby and your parenting journey begins. There are so many items out there, you may feel overwhelmed and stuck with what to start with. We are here to help with a short list of your biggest must-haves for your baby and its mummy.

Here is our list of essentials to get before your baby comes-

Baby swaddle. We have the perfect baby swaddles for all months. Designed to ease the transition from womb to world, the Woombie Air Baby Swaddle is perfect for new-borns. By reducing the startle reflex, it helps to prevent unnecessary waking, while the stretchy fabric allows for freedom of movement and healthy positioning of hips. Ventilated panel to the front, ideal for warmer houses, summertime or travel.

-Breathable Cot bumper. Our SafeDreams 2 Sided Hypoallergenic Breathable Cot Bumper – With Safebreathe Technology comes in multiple different colours to choose from. A safe and breathable mesh cot liner is the safe alternative to a traditional cot bumper and made using patented Safebreathe fabric to maximise airflow to the cot and baby. Help your little one sleep safe and sound with total peace of mind. Reduces the risk of overheating and suffocation. Creates a sense of security and eases the transition from Moses basket to cot, and is suitable from birth.

Changing bag for travel and outings. Have a look through our rich collection of changing bags from all sizes, colours, designs and styles. There is something for everyone on the Widgey Pillow’s online store. One of our personal favourites is the KeriKit Leather Baby Changing Backpack – Black. A gorgeous black leather baby changing backpack is perfect for the modern-day parent who needs to be organised and hands-free whilst remaining totally stylish.

This is only a shortened list of all the things you will need to be close to fully prepared for you new-born baby. Browse through Widgey Pillows to get everything you need for you baby!

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