The Perfect Pregnancy Pillow

The comfort and calm you get from the perfect pregnancy pillow will guarantee a peaceful pregnancy and a happy new-born.

Pregnancy is the most special time of your life, your body becomes a temple and brings a new life to the world. It is an incredibly special 9 months which will have many challenges, mentally and physically, which is why we have created and pillow to help and comfort you through your sleepless nights. This special pillow is designed for your well being and convenience as you have multiple uses for from one pillow!

You will constantly be overcoming new obstacles along your journey, even after birth, we acknowledge it is not an easy job! Never the less the most rewarding experience you will ever go through. This Widgey plus pillow is a longer, more pliable option and can be moulded to the contours of your unique body shape, offering support for your growing bump, easing pressure points between the knees and ankles and also preventing you from rolling over onto your front.


Our perfect pregnancy pillow is a perfect gift for baby showers, for loved ones who are going through this experience and even for yourself! We offer personalisation at an additional cost of £10 for sleeping and feeding pillows. This is guaranteed to make any special occasion a memorable one. At Widgey, we offer custom embroidery print and monogramming- this can be chosen on our site (CLICK HERE)


Along with our luxury pillows and personalisation, it’ll be a gift they’ll never forget!


These pillows are designed to support you where you need it. They have a 5-in-1 use; say goodbye to your aching arms, neck, backs and many more and sat hello to a comfortable and peaceful sleep and feeding routine for you and your baby. Say hello to your new best friend and companion.


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