Importance of Influencers and advertising to us

With today’s society, the majority of us spend many hours online on social media, the media has a huge impact on modern marketing and advertising. An influencer’s role is advertising products through their personal social media, whether that is through InstagramFacebooktwitterYouTube etc. This being a very successful way of marketing and getting products seen by potential customers.

At Widgey Pillows, we lean towards this type of marketing to get our products on multiple media platforms; engaging with our customers on a higher level.

We aim to get our UK best-selling feeding pillows seen on multiple platforms by working with influencers to advertise our products. We are looking to reach out to influencers to expand our brand and expand representation.

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When it comes to quality pregnancy & feeding pillows, changing & travel bags and sleep solutions; we offer the best for our customers. We are the home of leading pregnancy, baby and feeding pillows, supporting you in your parenting journey! We exceed all customer expectations and our customer service is impeccable. We take great pride in our quality products and our award-winning pregnancy pillows, sold at all major household stores like Boots, Mamas and Papas, John Lewis etc.

As an influencer looking to advertise our high-end products; we offer a huge variety in products to choose from. With multiple designs, models and colours to acquire to each customers different tastes.

Widgey 5-in-1 Feeding Pillow – Night Star is a best seller!

The UK’s leading feeding and maternity pillow just a click away. This high-end feeding pillow is extremely versatile and supportive with multiple purposes. It can be used during pregnancy to support your back and relieve pregnancy backache. This 5-in1 Feeding pillow is the perfect product to advertise on your social media platform, that being Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc. We offer high-end pillows for you and your baby to ensure maximum comfort with a 5-in-1 multi-use pregnancy, nursing and baby pillow for use during pregnancy and for feeding baby. At Widgey Pillows, we offer spare covers for your high-end pregnancy and feeding pillows so that you can keep your pillow clean and hygienic, as well as allowing you to change the look and colours of your pregnancy pillows.

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Our SafeDreams 2 Sided Hypoallergenic Breathable Cot Bumper – With Safebreathe Technology – Navy

Another best seller that you, as an influencer, can advertise. This high-class cot bumper is made using patented Safebreathe fabric to maximise airflow to the baby. Perfect for new-born baby’s, our cot bumper protects baby’s from bumps and knocks against cot bars and sides. Made with 100% quality cotton surface to care for your baby’s delicate skin.  Our cot bumper comes in various different colours to acquire to your personal taste.

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As an influencer it is important to promote quality products which you are satisfied with to ensure your followers satisfaction with the products. At Widgey Pillows we take great pride in the quality of our products and can guarantee you maximum satisfaction and comfort with all our products from baby cots to feeding and pregnancy pillows.


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