Everything you need for your new-born

It’s important to start preparing for your new-born as early as possible. Whether you are expecting a first or a third, giving birth is always a roller coaster of emotions and it’s best to be prepared in advance. You may find that the last months of your pregnancy and the months after you give birth can be overwhelming. Hence why we recommend you don’t leave everything to the last minute to help reduce some of the stress you may be feeling of giving birth already.

To help you prepare for your baby, we have a list of things you may want to do and buy to be prepared for your new-born.

The first thing to get, if you don’t already, is a baby feeding pillow. We recommend the Widgey Pillows UK leading feeding pillow. An indispensable aid for breastfeeding and bottle feeding which helps support your baby and take the strain off your arms. A strong and firm pillow which has been recommended by not only midwives, but many mothers around the world.

Another highly recommended item on our list for you is a swaddle. A highly used item with new-borns so we recommend you stock up. You can never have too many. A bundle of three Woombie original stretch cotton baby new-born swaddle in different colours. A swaddle has been shown to help babies sleep better, longer and safer. Our unique and original design is ergonomically shaped and has a special four-way stretch fabric that snuggles your baby and moves with them to mimic the womb, unlike any other swaddle.

Another perfect item to be prepared with is a bowl suction mat. Perfect for when you start feeding your baby. Our Happy Bowl is an awesome all-in-one placement and bowl, which is great for porridge, pasta and almost anything you decide to feed your baby.

Another very import item to make sure to add to your basket. A breathable cot bumper is very important item to make sure to get. Our SafeDreams hypoallergenic breathable cot bumper with SafeBreathe technology is one the best on the market. A mesh cot liner is the safe alternative to a traditional cot bumper and made using patented Safebreathe fabric to maximise airflow to the cot and baby.

Check out our Widgey Pillows website for everything you need to know about keeping your baby safe and all items you need for your newborn.

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