Parenting is not an easy job, especially with summer coming up and our children excited about the sunny days and summer holidays planned ahead. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, when having a few children… or even just one, to plan a perfect summer where your children will be happy and have the time of their lives. When it comes to summer everyone has some sort of expectations for the season ahead, and usually they are quite high. With children out of school and day-care not as available, it’s an important time to spend more time with your children. Quality time is an important thing in your kids childhood. Even it is for just an hour or two a day.

But let’s talk about new parents during summer and parents with new-borns as well as older children. Especially with new-borns, it is important to know their needs as a baby and have the appropriate things to make both your life easier and their life comfortable. When you as a parent have a new-born in your home, quality sleep is rare. We recommend quality sleeping pillows that will help you sleep longer during the night. Click here for our recommended sleeping and feeding pillow.

Another important factor, especially during summer, is outings with your baby. It may be difficult to stay out in the sunshine for hours with friends or family with all your baby’s needs. We, at Widgey Pillows, have made that a possibility with some of our must have baby pillows and changing bags will become your new best friends this summer. Have a little look at our huge collection of baby changing bags and our travel pillows.

Our beautiful Beau Sophia designer leather changing bag in black croc will keep all you baby items in this fashionable carry-all changing bag. Simple, yet effortlessly stylish and practical and will hold all your baby necessities in.

This stylish leather changing bag is not the only one. Have a browse through our rich collection of changing bags for travel.

Another important item for easy outings and traveling with your baby this summer is our Widgey Inflatable Portable feeding pillow. Take wherever you go and make feeding your baby an easy and enjoyable process for both mummy and baby. An extremely supportive aid for parenting, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding and will support your baby while taking the strain off your arms.

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